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No More Messy Wires

Rapid Rack uses built in wire management. This enables us to have the cleanest and most efficient racking solutions in the Industry!




Others leave wire exposed to elements and animals. This is both a hazard and potential cause of losses to energy harvest.

Why We’re The Best

Our versatile ground mount system is scalable for large, medium, and small applications. Its simple construction, minimal parts, innovative insertion rail technology, and on-site flexibility deliver rapid, cost-effective installations. It is suitable for various terrains and site conditions due to its flexible pile positioning and design adaptability.

Insertion Rail Technology

Our advanced insertion rail design dramatically reduces install time and labor. With no clamps to fasten, modules are inserted quickly and easily into rails for gap free module spacing and optimized power density.

Flexible Pile Positioning

Pile positioning can be challenging with tough terrains, but not with Rapid Rack. The slot along our Base Rail enables piles to be positioned simply on the rail length, allowing the system to easily adapt to varying site conditions.

Fully Optimizable Tilt

Our pile bracket is versatile. The system enables customizable tilts from 10 degrees to 50 degrees for site specific adaptation, power optimization, or  for wind load reduction.