The Industry’s fastest installed Ground Mount System!  Insertion rail based with built in wire management.

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Because Quality Matters

Standard Insertion Rail

Rapid Rack rail profiles are engineered for maximum strength to weight ratios.

XL Insertion Rail

Rapid Rack is proudly made in the USA and is ARRA and UL 2703 recognized.

XXL Base Rail

Rapid Rack components are investigated quarterly by UL for 2703 compliance.

Because Speed Matters

Step one

Insert the module at an angle into the top Insertion Rail.

Step Two

Lower module and insert into bottom Insertion Rail.

Step Three

Adjust module into its final position and you’re done. It’s that simple!

Because ROI Matters

Rapid Rack’s unique insertion rail technology allows for quick installation and produces an aesthetically superior array. The system reduces approximately 21,000 parts per MW assuming the standard clamping technology of the competition.  This greatly reduces installation labor costs. Additionally, our slotted rail/ slot nut design reduces fastening time and parts loss in the field.  Our system is kind to solar modules by allowing for thermal expansion and contraction.  Module life span can be increased by the reduction of hot spots that can be created by standard mounting methods.

See The Difference

Standing Out

In a Market filled with competitors.  You must either be better or be different.  Rapid Rack is both!

  •                Competitively priced
  •                Built in Wire Management
  •                3rd party verified installed labor savings
  •                Fewest parts

When Speed, ROI, O&M and Aesthetics matter….there’s ONLY one choice, Rapid Rack!